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    Bridging the gap for fabless and IDM chipmakers
    and 3rd party embedded non-volatile-memory IP vendors
    to accelerating time-to-market and time-to-volume
    while reducing risks and overall costs ...
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    Simplify IP/vendor selection process
    Leverage SoC competitive advantage
    Accelerate Time-to-Market
    And Much More...
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    Enhance IP design reliability
    Enable 3rd party IP characterization
    Expedite Root Cause Analysis


minimizing risks and maximizing the return-on-investment
smartNVM is a service company specializing in the data analysis and assessment of 3rd party embedded non-volatile-memory (eNVM) one-time-programmable (OTP) semiconductor intellectual property (IP)
Founded in 2018, smartNVM enables fabless and IDM chipmakers with innovative service solutions to maximize the return-on-investment while reducing risks and overall costs associated with 3rd party eNVM OTP IP

Our Services

unleashing your SoC competitive advantage

Trade-off Analysis

Do you have the right OTP IP?

OTP Risk Assessment

Understand silicon reports and uncover insights

Design Consultation

Ensure successful OTP integration

OTP Characterization

Improve reliability and minimize risks

Production | Yield Support

Optimize OTP Test Flow and reduce overall costs

Failure Analysis

Zero in on the root-cause and mitigate risks

Obligation free consultation, Risk free analysis,Maximize the Return-on-Investment!, Minimize Risks, Improve NVM reliability!

Why smartNVM

committed to the success of your project
Simply put, as independent domain experts, smartNVM provides bias free, objective analysis and assessment of 3rd party eNVM OTP IP to minimizing risks and maximizing the return-on-investment (ROI) for fabless and IDM chipmakers, period.
From IP/Vendor selection to design integration and production support, smartNVM provides critical insight allowing SoC chipmakers to make informed decisions and be in control.
The semiconductor community would hugely benefit from independent and specialized knowledge in eNVM OTP semiconductor IP.

Meet the Founder

where passion meets innovation...
Ahmad Alshehabi
Ahmad Alshehabi
Founder | President

Prior to founding smartNVM, Ahmad served as an Applications Engineer at Sidense, a key player in anti-fuse based one-time-programmable eNVM semiconductor IP.

During his time at Sidense, Ahmad assisted fabless and IDM customers world-wide, closely working with system-on-chip program managers, design teams and test engineers, etc... to better understand their OTP eNVM IP needs, promote and support Sidense OTP including trade-off analysis, design integration, production support and failure analysis to name a few.

Through smartNVM, and leveraging on his knowledge of memory architecture and applications' know-how, Ahmad continues to provide world-class support for fabless and IDM partners integrating OTP eNVM semiconductor IP cores into their SoC.


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